The Belgrade Association for School Sports (BASS) is a non-governmental, non- political and non-profit and territorial sports organization. It was founded so it could contribute to the development and promotion of school sports in the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia.
It is a full member of the Serbian School Sports Federation and the Sports Association of Belgrade.

The role of BASS is to:

  • Undertake measures and activities that contribute to the promotion of school sport;
  • Promote the educational and edifying/nurturing aspect of sport, Olympism, fair play, understanding, tolerance and responsibility through sports.

The activities of BASS are:

  • Creates conditions for the development of school sports on the territory of the City of Belgrade and organizing school sports competitions and events;
  • Supports the construction and maintenance of school sports facilities; supports continuing vocational education and training for Physical Education Teachers
  • Who work at schools;
  • Encourages the work of its members by awarding them for the achieved sports results and for contributing to the development and improvement of school sport in the city of Belgrade;
  • Coordinates the activities of the members of the Association;
  • Engages in associations of which it is a member and cooperates with other sports organizations in the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia;
  • Represents the common interests of its members before state and local self-government bodies;
  • Establishing intercity and international sports cooperation;
  • Promoting school sports in the media;
  • Takes measures to prevent adverse occurrences in school sports (doping, violence and misbehaviour, faking sports results);
  • Takes care of the health of the participants in school competitions;
  • Encourages sport through the improvement of school sports associations work and organization within school competitions;
  • Carries out activities to strengthen the morale and spirit of the sport of its members and to establish rules of conduct in their mutual relations;
  • Defines annual and special programs for financing from public revenues, under the law.