In the village of Donji Katun near Varvarin, lives a girl named Andjela Milojevic. This story about her would not be so interesting if it were not for the real current and future champion in karate.
Anđela was born on September 21, 2009. year and is a student of V / 2 class of the elementary school “Jovan Kursula” in Varvarin. She started practicing karate recreationally at the age of six and soon discovered that it was a sport that took first place in her heart. Not knowing what kind of victories and successes await her, she continued to train diligently and dedicatedly. Her coach Lazar Radisavljevic, who has been working with her since the first day until today, claims that she is the most promising karate player from this area. The club “Shotokan Qi” where he trains is located in Ćićevac. It’s fascinating how many accolades she has won in just five years of coaching and her 11 years of life. Angela won 58 gold medals, 49 silver, 68 bronze, 175 diplomas, 7 cups and two plaques. From the municipality of Varvarin, she received recognition and a plaque as the most promising athlete in this city. Angela currently has three trainings a week, and she needs from 7 to 10 to realize her potential, achieve top results in the future and maybe become one of the representatives of Serbia at the International Championships. Another dream of this girl is that when she grows up, she enrolls in the Military Academy and becomes a soldier. Andjela is a great pearl, success and pride of our country, and it would be nice and good for Serbia to support her talent in the right way.
Belgrade Association for School Sports