From 11-13.03.2020, there will be an Inter-District Volleyball Championship for students of primary (VII and VIII grades) and high schools.
Belgrade will represent the teams, winners of the City Championship:

03/11/2020 – Female students – VII and VIII grades of primary school “Branko Copic”, Rakovica. Venue: “Milan Munjaš” primary school, Ub.
03/12/2020 – Male students – VII and VIII grades of primary school “Milena Pavlovic Barili”, Palilula. Venue of the competition: primary school “Sava Kerkovic”, Ljig.
03/12/2020 – Male students – Medical School “Belgrade”, Savski Venac. Venue: “Student” Sports Hall, Valjevo.
03/13/2020 – “Sports Gymnasium”, Stari Grad. Venue: “Sava Kerkovic” Elementary School, Ljig.

We wish the contestants good luck and success!

Primary school “Branko Copic”, Rakovica.

Primary school “Milena Pavlović Barili”, Palilula.

Medical School “Belgrade”, Savski Venac.

“Sports High School”, Stari Grad.